Alberto Bigotes, Amalia Casas, Clara Bell y Albert Ginés. Primero Izq. Estudio – Pilar Ramírez



Artist born in Barcelona in ’78. After having served in Los Daytonas, Los Tikis del Ritmo and Los Capitanes, he edited his solo work with Roctopus Tea Party Records, two 7» (Oceánica and Saudade Surf).
In 2019 he releases his first LP (First Monkey in Space) under the Topaz Hit Label, with instrumental cuts that go from the purist Surf to the origins of the 50’s Rock & Roll style, Islander sounds, and Calypso.
Albert Gines is presenting his solo project along with his Oceánicos (Clara Bell bass guitar, Amalia Casas keyboard and Alberto Bigotes stand up drummer). In 2021 Albert releases En La Isla Del Fin Del Mundo with his Oceánicos.  Check now our Bandcamp!

Amalia Casas, Alberto Bigotes, Albert Ginés y Clara Bell. Foto Pilar Ramirez (Primero Izq.)

Amalia Casas, Alberto Bigotes, Albert Ginés y Clara Bell. Primero Izq. Estudio – Pilar Ramírez